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Dr. Jelson Yalung and his experienced team cannot wait to welcome you to the practice and start you down the road to a beautiful, healthy smile. With a focus on clinical excellence and quality treatment results, your time with us will be well spent.

Our treatment plans are highly personalized to your individual needs and goals. We prioritize your safety and comfort while giving you the smile you deserve, utilizing the latest technology to achieve consistently excellent results. Experience the convenience and expertise you get with Jelson Yalung Orthodontics!

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Patient Experience

Your experience is our priority – we want your time with us to be welcoming, fun, and, most importantly, 100% customized for you.

Expert Team

We are an award-winning practice and our team is qualified and experienced in creating beautiful and healthy smiles.

Impressive Results

Time and time again, we help our patients look and feel their best. We’re here to help you achieve your orthodontic goals.

Meet Dr. Jelson Yalung

Dr. Jelson Yalung loves improving his patient's confidence through healthy and happy smiles! He is a highly skilled, board-certified Orthodontist committed to listening to you and getting you your desired treatment results. You’re in excellent hands!

Services Customized For You

A perfect smile is well within your reach with our team. With your safety and comfort in mind, we utilize cutting-edge treatment methods and industry-leading technologies to perfect your smile.

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