During your first visit, Dr. Jelson will listen and discuss your orthodontic concerns and desires.  He will thoroughly evaluate your face, jaw, teeth, and bite to discuss your possible treatment options.  Dr. Jelson will explain details of your bite and will  inform you of the need and/or timing of orthodontic treatment. Dr. Jelson and staff welcome and encourage any and all questions that you may have during this initial appointment.
This initial appointment will take about 30 – 45 minutes.  We look forward to meeting you and giving you a beautiful smile!
If treatment is needed in the future:
We will schedule you for an observation or recall appointment in the future so we can continue to monitor your bite and teeth, and to determine the best timing to begin your orthodontic treatment.
If treatment is recommended now:
We will need additional information (diagnostic records) to further analyze your teeth, bite, and jaw so Dr. Jelson can customize a comprehensive treatment plan just for you.  These records may include a digital scan of your teeth and bite to create digital models of your teeth, photographs of your current smile and dental alignment, and orthodontic X-rays.  Because we value your time, these diagnostic records can be taken right in our office after your initial examination.

Once records are taken, your next appointment will be a consultation (for about 45 – 60 minutes).  During this appointment, Dr. Jelson will explain in detail possible treatment options, the pros and cons of orthodontic treatment, as well as your estimated treatment length.  We will also discuss your insurance benefits and a financial arrangement.